IREM Samples

To help share course and education product updates, I created "movie trailers" for IREM instructors, chapters, committees, staff, and students. 

IREM Education Product Samples

A sampling of products that my team developed. (CLICK HERE to find each course and video preview.)

Committee Agenda and Meeting Notes

Over the course of my tenure at IREM, I managed the Education Committee, Instructor & Grader Commitees, multiple ad hoc committees, as well as the Education Council.

Train The Trainer Samples

The IREM Train the Trainer program for instructors, graders and instructor trainers is one of the best in the Real Estate Management Industry. I'm proud to have been a part of developing and delivering this program.

M/C Magnavite Communications Samples

I developed a 5-part online master class designed for the “unexpected speaker” to help  identify and conquer fears and improve presentation skills. The class includes the online course and a live workshop component. For more info CLICK HERE.

M/C Article Samples

As the owner of M/C Communications, I have a passion for helping individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses transform the way they communicate. 

My specialty is coaching the “unexpected speaker,” helping individuals overcome speaking anxiety and enhancing their public speaking skills. 

I also work with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to bring their stories to life by helping build and implement effective social media and marketing strategies. 

For more articles and videos, CLICK HERE!

M/C Communications Video Sample

My client, CPA Theatricals hired me to promote the workshop of their upcoming musical. I created this video which tells the story of, "Girlhood The Musical" through the eyes of the Executive Producer. 

Lombard Town Centre Sample

As Executive Director for Lombard Town Centre, a community based nonprofit, I interviewed small business owners LIVE on Facebook and shared their stories with the public. It was a huge success and increased our marketing reach. 

Purple Plans Newsletter

A sample of Lombard Town Centre's Purple Plans newsletter. As Executive Director, I focused on sharing news and stories about small businesses and downtown events which increased awareness of our historic downtown.