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The ART of Public Speaking: The 5 Ps of Speaking Ease


Does the thought of speaking in front of a group cause your palms to sweat and heart to race? Do you run and hide if asked to make a toast or introduce a colleague? Would you rather have a root canal than make a presentation? 

This 5-part online master class designed for the “unexpected speaker” will help you identify and conquer your fears, improve your presentation skills, and leave your audience wanting more!

Who is the Audience for this online Master Class?

Individuals or Groups

What is included in this online Master Class?

· A series of 5 interactive videos, 

· Office Hours (Skype, Facetime), 

· e-Book and Tool Kit,

· One 2-hour in- person workshop. 


  1. Expenses for in-person workshop not included in package price if location is outside the Chicagoland area. 
  2. An online option for in-person workshop may be substituted for locations not within the Chicagoland area.

"This will now make it easier for me to refer to my Colleagues in Australia. You are the best at what you do Lynne, keep up the superior work you do and thanks on behalf of those in my network you have assisted from Australia. Ever think of relocating? Lol" -- Helen Dalton

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