What Clients Are Saying...


"The seminar that I took with Lynne at the IREM Conference went a long way with me in terms of sharpening my public speaking skills. I will always remember that.” --Maleta Brown, Senior Property Manager Hertz Investment Group      


"Lynne Magnavite gave valuable advice about how to move forward with a number of projects. Her clear direction and goal setting helped us move to the next level."-- Larry Little, Producer, CPA Theatricals


"Lynne is an exemplary example of professionalism and has a wealth of expertise in marketing, business development, social media, nonprofit management, always providing premier customer service to each of our downtown businesses. Lynne is a fount of information on the latest trends, opportunities to grow the downtown, and has a special way of making each business feel like they are the most import



"Lynne Magnavite knocked everyone's socks off in Houston, Texas. She presented her public speaking topic to over 120 attendees at our membership luncheon. Not a single person left early and we have already had numerous compliments. Our chapter enjoyed working with Lynne and it was wonderful to know we were in good hands with such a superb speaker."  -Jo D. Miller, IREM Association Executive, Houston Chapter


What Colleagues Are Saying...


"I had the privilege of working for Lynne for over ten years. She led a large team of diverse personalities yet managed to keep each of us enthused and empowered every day. She sees the "big picture," yet can also do the tactical planning necessary to accomplish the organization's goals. Lynne is a true leader and a pleasure to work with." -- Suzanne Hill


"I have worked with Lynne Magnavite for over 10 years and she is one of the best and most influential leaders I’ve had the privilege to work for. What sets Lynne apart is her ability to balance both the business and personal aspects of leading a team. Her passion for her people takes her leadership skills to the next level. Lynne cares deeply about the growth and professional development of her team. Her intentional focus and targeted coaching and mentoring truly inspired me and challenged me to do my best, stretch out of my comfort zone, and give 110% to the organization.

Lynne approaches problems with creativity and spunk, and her positive attitude and calm demeanor are truly contagious. She is a hard-working, passionate professional who would be a tremendous asset to any team." --Rebecca Niday


"I can’t say enough positive things about Lynne, both as a manager and as a person. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm made it a pleasure to come to work in the morning. Everyone on her team wanted to do their best because she recognized them and made them feel appreciated. She encouraged everyone to think creatively, she was unfailingly supportive, and she never had a problem questioning the status quo." -- Mindy Wallis