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Speaking While Terrified: How To Conquer Your Speaker Anxiety


Does the thought of speaking in front of a group cause your palms to sweat and heart to race? Do you run and hide if asked to make a toast or introduce a colleague? Would you rather have a root canal than make a presentation? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have speaker anxiety! Speaker anxiety is the heart-pounding and debilitating fear of talking in front of an audience. In this class, we will focus on 5 areas of the communication process that when joined together eliminate at least 90% of your speaking anxiety. (Tip: You need at least 5-10% of the unknown to stay fresh and relevant.) You will learn to face your fears head on and create a sense of ease, confidence, and clarity when communicating.


Lesson 1: Introduction: Communication 101

Lesson 2: People- Know your audience.

Lesson 3: Preparation - Craft your message.

Lesson 4: Practice -Warm-up. Rehearse. Repeat.

Lesson 5: Presentation - How to think on your feet.

Lesson 6: Perception –How does the audience feel? 

Lesson 7: Coaching Session: One-on-one coaching

This 90-minute interactive session designed for the “unexpected speaker” will help you identify and conquer your fears, improve your presentation skills, and leave your audience wanting more!


  • This Master Class content and length can be customized to meet your needs!
  • Audience size can vary based on your goals and requirements.


M/C Manifesting Calm While Speaking Checklist 

Lynne is a top notch, energetic trainer I highly recommend! You will not be disappointed!!"–-Deb Kast


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