Lynne’s Life is a series of stories from my wacky and wonderful and sometimes challenging life! I learn new life lessons every day and love sharing what I discover. My life is an open book (or an open Vlog!) Come along for the ride...


Welcome to my Vlog!

Lynne's Life: What Are You Waiting For?

Why do people wait to do the things they love? Today’s lesson was painful, but important. No more waiting – just do it! Do it now. Don't wait to do the things you love.

Lynne's Life: Don't Fear The Weekend...

As a freelancer, do you fear the weekend? Phone calls and emails sit unreturned. Productivity comes to a halt. In this episode of #LynnesLife, I share tips on how to stay productive until you can say TGIM!  

Lynne's Life: Networking The Fear Is Real

I have a confession. I’m an extrovert who is terrified of talking to people. When I receive an invitation to a “networking” event, I freeze in horror. My mind latches on to past networking event trauma. Yikes! So, I usually avoid networking events. (Counterintuitive for a solopreneur, I know.) Does the thought of attending a networking event strike terror in you? In this episode of Lynne’s Life, I share some valuable tips crowdsourced from some awesome people I met at a networking event!

Lynne's Life: Just Say Yes To Yes

Have you ever implied no, but really meant yes? Sometimes our verbal and nonverbal communication gives the impression that we are being negative when we are very interested. In this episode, I share a recent experience where I may have lost business because my behavior was contrary to my true feelings.   Just say YES to yes and stop the negative feedback you are giving others. By listening and being open to possibilities, opportunities will flow in!  

Lynne's Life: Social Media Comments or Toxic Waste

Are you the victim of toxic social media comments? You know the type - passionate, angry, mostly misguided, and hurtful comments in response to a social media post. Unfortunately, I have been initiated into the ranks of those who have experienced this ugly phenomenon.   I learned some valuable lessons from this experience which I am sharing in this Vlog episode.