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Social LIVE! Getting Ready For Your Close Up


LIVE video streaming on social media is a huge trend and there is no end in sight, but are you terrified of pressing the START LIVE VIDEO button? LIVE video streaming is a wonderful way to boost your brand’s exposure by giving audiences a sneak peek into your life. Telling your story is a great way to reach new audiences and using LIVE video enhances the experience. In this class, you will discover how to embrace your inner star and learn tips and techniques to help your next LIVE video be a huge success!


Lesson 1: Introduction: Why LIVE?

Lesson 2: Audience- Who are you talking to?

Lesson 3: Message – What is your goal for the LIVE video.

Lesson 4: Openings & Closings -How to grab your audience’s attention.

Lesson 5: Rehearsal: How to love the camera.

Lesson 6: Technical: Tools of the trade. 

Lesson 7: Practicum: One-on-one coaching

Lesson 8: Go LIVE! Test out what you learned.


  • This Master Class content and length can be customized to meet your needs!
  • Audience size can vary based on your goals and requirements.

Bonus! M/C Maximizing the Camera Checklist 

This 2-hour interactive session designed for the “unexpected speaker” will help you identify if LIVE works for your brand, improve your presentation skills, identify and conquer your fears, and leave your audience wanting more!

I've learned much from Lynne over the years! You'll benefit greatly from her knowledge, energy and keen ability to make you and your staff SHINE!" --Julie Lorraine Scott


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